Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Quiz Masters wanted?

Gone is the era of quiz masers who stand still and deliver the toughest questions!
When the world is ruled by trivia, and the quizzers become bloggers, there is no scope for a hip hop too!
Quiz masters need to be smart,interactive and thus the quiz should be an infotainment session for the audience.

From here your quiz competitions wont be one-sided..It can attract the audience..YES-Its gone to be BIG..The best competition of ur lifetime.

When the quizzers become quizmasters, it becomes more awesome.
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Friday, February 10, 2012


  • Q1. Which was the first bank to raise savings bank interest rate to 6 % after RBI deregulated it ?
     Ans. Yes Bank
    Q2. Name the first woman President and CEO of IBM who will take over from Sam Palmisano
    Ans. Virginia M Rometty
    Q3. Which Indian woman has appeared for the first time in the Forbes billionaires list ?
    Ans. Savitri Jindal
    Q4. Who has bought over the Ericsson stake in Sony ericsson joint venture ?
     Ans. Sony
    Q5. Which co has launched its first ATM that dispenses gold and diamonds at Phoenix Mills, Mumbai ?
    Ans. Gitanjali Jewels
    Q6. In the context of IBM what is ‘TWO IN A BOX’ ?
     Ans. A team of two. One consultant and one salesman to handle a client.
    Q7. Who owns the sports car brands Porsche and Lamborghini ?
     Ans. The VW Audi group.
    Q8. Who is a SOMMELIER ?
     Ans. A wine expert
    Q9. Which model of SUV has been launched in RA.ONE ?
    Ans. VW Touraeg
    Q10. Why is the closing down of Vaishnavi communications front page news ?
    Ans. Nira Radia
    Q11. As per a Mint study who was the highest paid non promoter executive in 2010 11 @17.3 cr ?
    Ans. Debu Bhattacharya
    - Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan
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    Weekly Business Quiz # 102 

    Q. In 2010 which was the new member introduced to the Johnnie Walker family ?
     Ans. Double black label
    Q. 2What is unique about DYSON fans sold at over 25000 Rs each ?
    Ans. These are bladeless fans.
    Q3. Why has Shiney Ahuja slapped a case on Micromax ?
    Ans. Their ad shows a maid stealing a mobile with SHINY written on it.
    Q4. Who has received the TN govt contract for supplying laptops to govt school children ?
     Ans. Lenovo
    Q5. No.one can escape the Ra.One blitz. Besides Red chillies who is the other producer of this movie ?
     Ans. Eros Entertainment
    Q6. Marc Benioff of Salesforce calls the current IT revolution as SOCIAL. Expand the acronym .
    Ans. Speed-Open-Collaboration-Individual-Alignment-Leadership
    Q7. Logos of which cos are shown upside down in the Wikileaks press conference as they announce they will no longer publish ?
    Ans. VISA, Mastercard, Paypal who refused to collect money for Wikileaks
    Q8. What is HANS in the Formula one context ?
     Ans. Head and neck system. It supports the helmet.
    Q9. Maruti made Gurgaon. Manesar is unmaking Maruti. How ?
    Ans. Labour unrest
    Q10. There is no ‘Intel inside’ Apple or Android smart phones or tablets. Who designs the core processors for these devices ?
    Ans. Designed by ARM and mfd by Samsung
    Q11. Name the co behind the world’s first private spaceport at new mexico USA.
    Ans. Virgin Galactic
    Q12. Which co has set up a 30MW solar farm in Gujarat – claiming it to be Asia’s largest farm ?
    Ans. Moser Baer
    Q13. Which Bollywood actress is the new face of Titan ?
    Katrina Kaif

    • Compiled by G.Mohan twitter handle @go_mohan

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    The Inside Story of the Sahara Force India deal 

    The occasion was the semi-final match between Royal Challengers Bangalore and New South Wales in Bangalore, during the just concluded CLT20 tournament. Vijay Mallya, as always, was cheering his team RCB from the pavilion. Then one of his close confidants, came and told him that Subrata Roy Sahara was also in the stadium watching the game. Vijay Mallya sent Roy an SMS inviting him to a drink after the game. Subroto Roy accepted.
     This is what transpired between Vijay Mallya and Subroto Roy Sahara in the Club House of Chinnaswamy stadium that night.

    Vijay Mallya (VM)  : Hey dude ! How are you ? 
    Subrata Roy Sahara (SRS) : Sahara Pranaam Mallya-ji.
    VM : So what brings you here Subrotoji ?
    SRS : I am used to being addressed as Saharasri.
    VM : Oh Sorry ! Yes, yes Saharasi. Just like my Guru wants to be called as Sri Sri.
    SRS : It’s OK. 
    VM : How come you are here to watch an RCB match. Your team Pune Warriors, I don’t think made it to the Champions league.
    SRS : I just came to cheer my boys. You know, Sahara sponsors the Indian cricket team. The Indians in RCB team are my boys also.
    VM : That’s right, I forgot. You are not doing too badly as a sports sponsor.
    SRS : We have always been there for India. When ITC left the Indian cricket team in the lurch, we chipped in and became the sponsor in 2001. We recently beat Bharti to be the sponsor of the Indian team till 2013. We are also sponsoring a lot of Indian athletes for Olympic sports. You know, we sponsor the Indian hockey team also. For Sahara nation comes first. Hockey is our national sport, so Sahara is associated with it also.
    VM :  I wonder as a Bengali, how come you are not into football. You must be knowing that both the top teams in Bengal , Mohun Bagan and East Bengal are sponsored by us.
    SRS : Mallya-ji I am as much a Bengali as you are. You are a Non-Bengali who grew up in Kolkata and I am a Bengali who grew up in UP. 
    VM : Khoob Bhalo !  So, how come you bought an IPL team in the second round of auctions ?
    SRS : I was never keen on IPL. Just that my son Sushanto wanted it. You know boys will be boys. They need these toys.
    VM : Exactly. I also bought RCB for Sid. If I am the King of Good Times. He is the Prince. BTW, Saharasri, how is Amar Singh, our common friend.
    SRS : Mallyaji. I have many friends. Amarji is one of them. I like to help people. When Amar said his bade-bhaiya Amitji was having problem with money, I offered help. I don’t like to talk about it. We have friends in all political parties. In our humble house in Lucknow all are welcome.
    VM : I like your philosophy Saharasri. I also have a lot of political friends. Because of all the glamour surrounding us, I get too closely identified with some. That’s a problem.
    SRS : Talking about problems Mallyaji, I hear that your airlines is in trouble. In fact, I was to fly back to Delhi, this evening. Because your Kingfisher flight got cancelled, I am here, chatting with you.
    VM : You know airline business, having run it yourself. We thought it was an easy business. I had tied it up neatly. I acquired Deccan. I also made a pact with Naresh Goyal’s Jet. I knew, Indian Airlines will never be much of a competition. For clearances and preferential routes, our friend Praful was there. I forgot to consider IndiGo and Spicejet. We also got royally jacked by the crude oil price increase. We are having bit of a cash flow problem there.
    SRS : Cash flow problem for the liquor baron of India. Kya bol rahen hain aap ?
    VM : Chhodiye Saharasri. Some things are better not discussed in open. So Saharasri, I hope you will be coming for the Formula 1 in NOIDA this month. Isn’t it great, we are having F1 right here in India.
    SRS: Hopefully yes. In fact, I had  been wanting to talk to you about this F1 team. My younger son Seemanto is very excited about car racing. Ever since I have bought an IPL team for Susanto, Seemanto has been asking for a F1 team. After some initial enquiries, he tells me that it was not easy to start an F1 team. Now you tell me, what your experience has been ?
    VM : Honestly, it has been a big struggle Saharasri. We bought a lowly placed team Spyker and renamed it Force India, five years ago.
    SRS : I like the name very much. But normally, you keep a liquor brand name like Royal Challenge or Kingfisher to do some surrogate advertising. How come you chose Force India ?
    VM : Excellent question. You know, I like to build brands. If you have heard me on the Kingfisher Airlines TV screen. I thought, I will first make a great F1 team brand Force india, then I can always launch a whisky or a beer in that name.
    SRS : Tell me something about the struggle.
    VM : In the last three years, we are always in the bottom of the race. We have had problems with the car. We have had problems with hiring good drivers. It is a very expensive business Sahararasri. I had grossly underestimated it. We are now struggling with the budgets. Though, this year our team is doing much better.
    SRS : Mallyaji, I realise that making a new F1 team is very expensive and time consuming. I am also keen on giving something to my son. Are you open for a partnership ?
    VM : Wow ! Why not ? I think, though our personalities are very different, we seem to share a passion for sport. I also need some immediate cash to take my team to the next level. 
    SRS : Excellent ! Then that’s a deal. I will send my team to work out the details of valuation, pricing etc. For me, business is a matter of heart and not head. I think we share a good chemistry. Let us go for this partnership. Just a request Mallyaji, could you please add the name Sahara to the F1 team. You know, it is not for me. Sahara is a big parivaar. Everyone loves it.
    VM : Fantastic ! Sahara Force India, it will be. Well in time for the Indian F 1.
    The deal got concluded. No thanks to the cancellation of the Kingfisher flight.

    (This is a work of fiction)
    This post first appeared in The South reports ( http://www.tsr.net.co)

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    Weekly Business Quiz # 101 

    Q.1. Which publication proposed the idea of Occupy Wall Street and ran a campaign ?
    Ans. Adbusters from Canada
    Q2. What is the name of the virtual personal assistant in iPhone4s that speaks in a woman’s voice in US and a man’s voice in UK ?
    Ans. Siri

    Q3. What is the two pizza rule for teams at Amazon ?
    Ans. Teams should be small so that they can be fed by two pizzas
    Q4. Where did the current Occupy Wall Street movement originate on May 15 this year ?
    Ans. Madrid Spain
    Q5. October 16 is Steve Jobs day. Who has declared it ?
    Ans. California Governor Jerry Brown
    Q6. Name the creator of C programming language who passed away recently ?
    Ans. Dennis Ritchie
    Q7. What will be the new name of the F1 team FORCE INDIA ?
    Ans.Sahara force india
    Subroto Roy and Vijay Mallya
    Q8. What is Microsoft’s fruity response to Apple’s iPhone ?
    Ans. Mango
    Q9. For which product advt, the unusual hero is the Cocoa bean ?
    Q10. Apple is a frugal advertiser. It does not need to. For which Apple product was the memorable ‘Think Different’ campaign ?
    Ans. Macintosh in 1984
    Q11. Besides Apple, Jobs was a long standing member of which company board?
    Ans. Disney
    Q12. Before starting Apple, for which video games co did Steve Jobs work for ?
    Ans. Atari
    Q13. What is the connection of Apollo hospitals to the 2G scam ?
    Ans. Reddys of Apollo have a stake in Aircel. Siva-Maxis deal is part of 2G scam
    Q14. Which small country in europe is stopping the euro package to go through ?
    Ans.  Slovakia
    Q15. What is the name of the new book from management author Jim Collins who gave Good to great ?
    Ans. Great by choice
    Q16. Which foreign co has acquired 26 % stake in Max Healthcare recently ?
    Ans. Life Healthcare of South Africa
    Q17. After 2008 all F1 cars have a 2.4 l V8 engine. Yeh engine kitna deti hai ?
    Ans.  4 miles per gallon
    Q18. In the TVC of FORD FIGO a direct comparison is made with which car of a competitor ?
    Ans. Maruti Swift
    Q19. Which B-school of Indian origin in London has been shut down for visa problems ?
    Ans.  TASMAC
    Q20. Jagjit Singh besides being a singer was also a big collector of horses. Connect his two passions .
    Ans. His horses were named after his albums
    Q21. For which brand of cough syrup did Jagjit Singh appear with Om Puri in the TVC ?
    Ans. Torex
    Q22. For their work on what area of Economics have the Americans Sargent and Sims been awarded the Nobel prize in Economics ?
    Ans. Macroeconomics
    -Compiled by G.Mohan Twitter @go_mohan